Cold Drinks

Take a look at our selection of refreshing drinks.

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Vitamin Volcano Smoothie

A fabulous blend of fragrant forest fruits, including blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry and strawberry. Delicately blended with banana and apple juice and fortified with ten essential vitamins.

Daily Greens

All of our cold-pressed juices are a mix of fruit and veggies. Our Daily Greens is zippy and refreshing with apple, pear, cucumber, celery, spinach, lime & yuzu

Ginger Shot

Squeezed from fresh ginger root and whole fresh apples, this little bottle is a zingy shot with a fiery kick.

Hot Shot

Add a kick to your day with a with a burst of orange, spiced with turmeric, ginger and cayenne.

Allergen Guide

Knowing exactly what is in our food (and what’s not) is incredibly important to us. For more information on the ingredients in our products take a look at our handy allergen guide.

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