Pret's Global Plastic Pledge

Packaging plays a huge role at Pret. It delivers our products to our customers safely and in the best possible condition. But we recognise that we need to reduce the impact our packaging has on the environment.

We've committed to making the following changes to our plastic packaging by 2025:

  1. Make it 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable
  2. Eliminate all unnecessary single-use plastic
  3. Help customers to recycle effectively in our shops

Pret Today

For a variety of reasons – sustainability, health, animal welfare - more and more people are either reducing the amount of meat they eat or cutting it out of their diet altogether. While our veggie range grows, our best selling products often contain meat. This is why we're committed to using meat that's reared to higher welfare standards involving less intensive farm production systems. It's also why we have signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment for all our operations in the UK and across Europe.

We continue to work with organisations such as Compassion In World Farming to improve the lives of animals. In 2017, we received a Cage Free Award for our commitment to animal welfare.

We're Global

We have over 550 shops in countries around the world and every day (throughout the day), our wonderful teams are hard at work creating delicious sandwiches, salads, baguettes and wraps.

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